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NFL Draft Positioning: What This Week Means to the Raiders

Sadly, with the Raiders playoff hopes dashed, fans turn their eyes towards the draft. The good news is, it took until the last week of the season for it to happen. The bad news? The Raiders first-round pick is in New England. Here is how this week’s outcomes will change the position of the Raiders in the draft.

If the season was over now the Raiders would draft 15th. There are eight teams that they could still switch places with depending on the outcomes of the final week. It is possible that the Raiders could make it as high as the 12th pick or as low as the 18th.

Here’s a quick rundown of the scenarios. Remember, strength of schedule is the draft order tie-breaker.

If the Raiders lose, they will draft ahead of any of the following teams if they win: Minnesota, Washington and Tennessee. The Raiders would also draft ahead of the Seahawks, but a Seahawks’ victory would mean the Raiders are then drafting behind the Rams. So, the outcome of that game will not effect the Raiders.

If the Raiders win, they will draft behind any of the following teams if they lose: San Diego, Jacksonville and Miami. Simple, right? Well, maybe not so much. Check back after the action and I’ll let you know where they will draft.