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AFC Playoff Picture, Week 13: The Raiders Are Alive and Kicking In The AFC West Race

The AFC West played amongst themselves on Sunday and the Chiefs came out with a bigger lead than when they started. The Chiefs improved to 6-0 at home and 8-4 on the season behind the strength of a dominant defensive performance. The Broncos failed to find the endzone and managed just two field goals en route to a 10-6 defeat.

The Chiefs scored a first quarter touchdown and that was all they needed. For the Broncos, who are now 3-9 on the season, they are now relegated to full time spoiler as their hopes of winning the division have become impossible.

The Raiders managed to stay just two games behind the Chiefs after an impressive 28-13 win in San Diego. It is the Raiders first win in San Diego since 2002. The win evens the Raiders and Chargers record at 6-6. Both the Raiders and Chargers have a game remaining against the Chiefs.

The win pushes the Raiders division record to 4-0, an important factor for any tie breaking scenarios. Next week, the Chiefs will travel to San Diego to take on the Chargers and the Raiders will head down to Florida to battle the first place Jacksonville Jaguars. The Raiders will play in Arrowhead Stadium against the Chiefs Week 17.