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NFL Pro Bowl 2011 Snubs: Tommy Kelly Is An Alternate

DT Tommy Kelly was snubbed from the pro-bowl roster…again. The good news about that is, this year that sentence doesn’t make people shoot milk out of their nose. Kelly enjoyed the best year of his career. He goes into Week 17 with 56 tackles and seven sacks. Surprisingly, Kelly found it a lot easier to play when he was in shape.

It is hard to argue with him being off of the Pro Bowl roster. It wouldn’t seem right to have two DTs in the Pro Bowl lineup, from a team struggling to stop the run. The Raiders are 25th in yards allowed per carry and 28th in rushing yards allowed per game.

Pro Bowl or not, Kelly had a well played season, in a year most people had already written him off. There is the chance that Kelly could end up taking Richard Seymour’s place. Seymour is questionable for Sunday’s game and he likely wouldn’t rush himself back to play in the Pro Bowl.