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NFL Pro Bowl 2011: Brandon Lloyd Makes Team; 49ers Fans Slap Themselves In The Face

The 2011 NFL Pro Bowl rosters were announced yesterday and one of the intriguing reserves is Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Lloyd. The former San Francisco 49ers WR has had a monster season, currently sitting with 72 receptions and an NFL-leading 1,375 receiving yards.

Lloyd is a first time Pro Bowler after his second season with his fourth NFL team. He apparently had some salty words for the three previous teams that cut him. I’m not sure why he’s so stunned about being cut previously. He’s never been a completely awful receiver, but he didn’t exactly blow it up before this season.

I suppose the 49ers might have cut him a bit too soon. The former fourth round pick did show some improvement with the 49ers each season and each of those seasons came with some awful 49ers teams. Of course, the gif below was reason enough to cut him for most 49ers fans.