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Raiders vs. Broncos: Jason Campbell, Marcel Reese Connect On 73-Yard Touchdown Pass

The Oakland Raiders have opened the fourth quarter with a monster touchdown pass that gives them a 30-20 lead on the Denver Broncos. On the Broncos prior drive, Denver had a 3rd and 1 turned into 3rd and 6 after a false start. Denver couldn’t convert and was forced to punt to the Raiders, who started on their own 27. Jason Campbell dumped off a short little pass to Marcel Reese and a few moves and key blocks turned it into a 73-yard touchdown reception for the fullback.

Given how the first quarter played out this game could be far from over. Both teams have shown an ability to come up with some big plays, whether it be the Reese touchdown, Jacoby Ford’s end around, Tim Tebow’s rushing touchdown, or Brandon Lloyd’s huge touchdown catch. Much like last week’s Raiders-Jaguars matchup, this game could come down to the last man standing.

As I write, the Broncos are already looking to get back into this. Tim Tebow just connected with Jabar Gaffney on a 32-yard pickup. The Broncos are currently on the Oakland 35 looking to cut into this lead.