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Raiders vs. Broncos: Jason Campbell Injured, Kyle Boller Enters, Oakland Gets Field Goal

The Oakland Raiders have taken a 20-17 lead over the Denver Broncos on a 35-yard Sebastian Janikowski field goal. The Raiders benefited from a roughing the passer call against the Broncos that got them half the distance to the goal. The penalty was costly though as Jason Campbell had to leave the game with an injury and was replaced by backup QB Kyle Boller. The Raiders went with a simple handoff on Boller’s first play and while it failed to get a first down, it set up an easy Seabass field goal.

The Raiders benefited from several penalties on that drive. Aside from the roughing penalty, Denver was called for a facemask penalty on the punt that started the Oakland drive. Raiders punt returner Nick Miller returned a 56-yard punt 22 yards and had 15 yards added on courtesy of the face mask penalty. That set the Raiders up on the Denver 24 and it was a quick score after that.

The Broncos now have the ball back and are deep in Raiders territory, having just had a pass to the end zone broken up by the Raiders. The Broncos drove down to the Raiders 18-yard line but stalled out and just kicked a game-tying 35 yard field goal. The game now stands tied 20-20.