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Raiders vs. Broncos: Darren McFadden Long Run, Michael Bush TD Ties Game

The Oakland Raiders quickly tied things up with the Denver Broncos at 14 courtesy of a Michael Bush touchdown run. Bush tied things up with a one yard touchdown run that was set up by a 36-yard Darren McFadden rush down to the Denver 2 yard line. Prior to that McFadden had opened the drive with a 19-yard rush.

After last week’s second half shootout with the Jaguars, Oakland seems intent on continuing at a fairly torrid pace this week. With a combined 28 points in the first quarter, one has to wonder if either team can maintain this pace. The Raiders would seem to have more offensive weapons for a shootout, particularly given the big play abilities of Darren McFadden and Jacoby Ford. Denver can clearly make some big plays and Tim Tebow is proving he’s not exactly a question mark in this game.

Either way we’re in for a fun game. It’s unfortunate today’s game is blacked out in the Bay Area. Thankfully I’ve got the Red Zone channel to keep an eye on all these big plays. I couldn’t recommend anything with more emphasis.

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