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Raiders vs. Broncos, NFL Scores Week 15: Tim Tebow Rumbles For 40-Yard Touchdown Run

The Oakland Raiders were hoping to force Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow to beat them through the air, but as Florida Gator fans know, Tebow can beat you with his legs. He has quickly evened up today’s game at the Oakland Coliseum with a 40 yard rushing touchdown. The game now sits tied at 7-7.

Tebow took a look downfield but then pulled the ball down and went for the QB draw. After getting past the Raiders defensive line he cut a bit to his right and then was off to the races down the left hashmark. The Raiders had three members of their secondary around Tebow, but his combination of size and decent speed were too much. One defender got ahold of Tebow but he got past that defender and then was tackled into the end zone.

It will be interesting to see if the Raiders go with a QB spy at this point. Of course, one would think that if they were aiming to stop Moreno they could have stopped Tebow rushing up the middle.