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Raiders vs. Jaguars: Darren McFadden, Maurice Jones-Drew Exchange Big TDs As Jacksonville Leads 38-31

This game has lived up to its expected billing. Although the explosive plays were somewhat limited in the first half, the second half has been an insane combination of long plays. Both teams have busted similar big plays, with the Jaguars having the edge.

If the Oakland Raiders can come back and win this ball game with the Jacksonville Jaguars, it’s safe to say Darren McFadden will get the game ball today. The Raiders had been stunned by seventeen fairly quick Jaguar points and were struggling to get their offense going. However, Darren McFadden took care of that himself with a big 36-yard run.

For the second time today he turned what looked like it would be a short run and tackle into a breakaway with some nifty moves. McFadden now has touchdowns of 67, 51, and 36 yards. He will likely move up the yards from scrimmage per game ranks. He’s currently third but has to move up after this explosive game.

The Raiders special teams responded with a poor play that allowed the Jaguars to start play at the Raiders 30 yard line and Maurice Jones-Drew quickly turned that into a 30-yard touchdown and a 38-31 lead. The Jags have the edge right now but this will probably turn into a sort of “last man standing” match.