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Raiders vs. Jaguars: Darren McFadden Continues Big Season With 51-Yard Touchdown Run

Shortly after Jason Hill hauled in a 48-yard touchdown pass to open the second half, Darren McFadden responded with a 51-yard touchdown run to get the Raiders lead back up to ten, 24-14. McFadden rushed off the right tackle and then just as he was about to be tackled after a four yard gain, he cut back to his left and was off to the races. The Raiders got a couple key blocks and McFadden turned it into foot race.

Darren McFadden doesn’t lead the NFL in rushing or receiving yards, but his combination of rushing and receiving skills has been second to none among running backs. He has missed some time due to injury but he is third among all NFL running backs in yards from scrimmage per game. Today has been a perfect example of his skills as he has a 67-yard touchdown reception and a 51-yard touchdown run.

The Raiders just forced a Jaguars punt and will look to add on to their 10 point lead. If they can turn this into a three possession game they could put this game into position to be put away.

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