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Raiders vs. Jaguars: David Garrard Connects With Mercedes Lewis To Tie Game 7-7

After exchanging punts, the Jacksonville Jaguars put together a seven play drive that gained fifty yards and evened up their matchup with the Raiders at seven. Although Maurice Jones-Drew has been fairly quiet today, the Jaguars offense has worked to get the ball in his hands in any way possible. QB David Garrard has turned to shorter passes to get things going and it worked on this last drive. Mercedes Lewis was the difference on this drive as he caught a 20-yard pass to convert and 2nd and 14, and then caught a 1-yard touchdown pass to tie up the game.

Both punters had been getting a bit of a workout as neither team had really established much. The Raiders have contained MJD for the most part, while the Jaguars have mostly done a good job on the Raiders rushing and passing game. McFadden broke through for his 67-yard touchdown pass but that’s really been the extent of the offensive damage by the Raiders.

There’s still a long way to go but this could prove to be a tight battle that goes down to the wire. For more Raiders info, check out Silver and Black Pride.