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NFL Week 14 Injury Updates, Raiders-Jaguars: Zach Miller Has First Full Practice Since Injuring Foot

Oakland Raiders TE Zach Miller was able to participate in his first full practice since the week leading up to the Oct. 24 game against the Denver Broncos. Miller has been slowed by an aching plantar fascia - an injury that has greatly reduced his role in the offense.

Since Week 8 Miller has only eight catches. Miller’s reemergence in the passing game would be a huge boost for the Raiders. Despite his limited run, Miller leads the Raiders in receptions, yards and touchdowns. If he is indeed able to offer more to the offense it could not have come at a better time.

With the Raiders taking on the run-heavy Jacksonville Jaguars ball possession is going to be key. While the Raiders will be looking to run early and often, they are going to need to pick up a few first downs in the air. The Raiders have yet to find a consistent passing attack with their wide receivers and since almost the day he was drafted there has been no one on the Raiders better at keeping the chains moving than Miller.