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Raiders vs. Chargers Week 13 NFL Odds: Bettors Raiders To Get Pounded

The Oakland Raiders open up as the biggest underdog of the week-by far. The Raiders are anywhere from 12.5 to 13.5 underdogs to the San Diego Chargers this coming Sunday. Despite having already beaten the Chargers this season, the line is not surprising and I wouldn't expect to see much movement over the course of the week.

The Raiders have lost their last two games by a combined 48 points. They appear to be falling apart in all phases of the game and they are suffering through some limiting injuries to some key players. Combine this with the fact that the Chargers are playing as good as any team in the NFL and you get a double digit spread.

The Chargers have won four games in a row and they won the last two by a combined 43 points. The Chargers who have had the overall number one ranked offense and defense the majority of the season have only been slowed by horrid special teams play. For instance, in the Week Four loss to the Raiders they had two punts blocked. The special teams have been avoiding the catastrophes and the Chargers have been winning.

All that being said, the 13-point neighborhood is a scary place to buy a home. Go with the Raiders and the points. I wouldn't go as far to pick the Raiders straight up, but if you are so inclined to that thinking, take the money line. The Raiders are getting between +450 and +475 and if you just want to take a flyer on a possibly lucrative bet, there'd be worse places to look than that one. The over/under is sitting between 45.5 and 46.5. I'd stay away from this bet. The Raiders have been struggling to put up points, but the Chargers haven't. If the Raiders can muster a decent offensive attack, I expect this to go over, but for the time being, that is a big and legitimate if.