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Raiders vs. Dolphins: Miami Retakes Lead As Big Plays Are The Story Of The Day

While we haven’t had a ton of scoring in today’s Raiders-Dolphins matchup, what scoring we have seen has been of the high impact, big play variety. This has continued early in the second half as the Miami Dolphins recapture the lead courtesy of a 57 yard touchdown pass by Chad Henne to Marlon Moore. The connection gives the Dolphins a 20-14 lead in the third quarter.

The Raiders now have the ball, although they almost lost it on a fumble by Jacoby Ford, but the ball went out of bounds. Oakland has since gone three and out and punted the ball as their offensive woes are not pretty right now.

This has been a day of big plays, primarily from Oakland Raiders wide receiver/kick returner Jacoby Ford. The rookie has a touchdown reception and kick return touchdown to account for Oakland’s points. However, there have been a lot of impact plays including the touchdowns and some key turnovers. This game could turn into the proverbial Last Man Standing match, with one team just barely wearing out the other team.

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