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Raiders vs. Dolphins: Chad Henne Connects With Patrick Cobb For 10-7 Miami Lead

The Miami Dolphins have quickly bounced back from the Raiders game-opening kick return touchdown and taken a 10-7 lead. After Sebastian Janikowski sent a kickoff out of bounds, the Dolphins moved 29 yards into field goal range and cut the Raiders lead to 7-3. They then followed that up with a defensive stop and a Chad Henne touchdown to take the lead.

The Dolphins touchdown drive went 65 yards in eight plays as Miami put together a solid mix of run and pass plays. They particularly had some solid success with the Wildcat formation that they brought back to the NFL a couple years back. They gained twelve yards on a couple direct snaps to Ronnie Brown that involved handoffs to Ricky Williams. The drive itself was capped by a pretty 29 yard pass from Chad Henne to Patrick Cobb.

The Raiders offense is now on the field for the second time today. The first drive was a continuation of their struggles against the Steelers as they quickly went three and out. On this subsequent drive they gained 29 yards on a pass to Louis Murphy but have since punted back to the Dolphins.