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Raiders vs. Dolphins: Jacoby Ford is a BEAST!

The emergence of Raiders wide receiver/kick returner Jacoby Ford continues and Oakland is benefitting greatly. The Raiders received the opening kickoff and Jacoby Ford ran back his second kick return touchdown of the season. You can head over to’s Gamecenter to check out video of the fantastic return.

Ford caught it down near the end zone and got a couple sold early blocks. He then made a bit of a half hurdle over the kicker and was off to the races for the 101-yard kickoff return.

That kind of play can be an absolute back-breaker early on. There is certainly plenty of time remaining, so the Raiders need to build on that return. The Raiders offense has struggled immensely and now Bruce Gradkowski will be taking over the Oakland offense.

In the time it took me to write this up, the Dolphins responded with a 29 yard drive to get a field goal. Raiders kicker Sebastian Janikowski sent his kickoff out of bounds and the Dolphins started on their own 40. The Raiders have to avoid these kinds of mistakes if they want to win this game.

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