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Raiders-Steelers: How the Matchups Matched Up

In the Steelers favor, that’s how. The Steelers dominated in every facet of the game on Sunday. And especially so in the matchups that we highlighted headed into this contest.

Raiders Rush Offense vs Steelers Rush Defense

By halftime, the Steelers were up 18 points, which made the running game a moot point. The Raiders came out passing and got a field goal on the first drive. From that point on, they failed to get any rhythm offensively. They wound up with 61 yards on 16 carries. A number that looks even worse when subtracting Gradkowski’s 12 yard scramble. That leaves them with, 49 yards on 15 carries.

Steelers Pass Rush vs Raiders Pass Protection

With the Raiders trailing the Steelers were able to unleash their blitz. And it was effective. The Steelers were in the face of the Raiders QBs all day. They ended with six sacks. Two by James Harrison.

Raiders Pass Rush vs Steelers Pass Protection

The Raiders ended the day with two sacks, but they came nowhere near applying the consistent pressure that Pittsburgh did. Roethlisberger had time to throw the ball and when he was forced to break the pocket he either made a play with his arm or feet. In fact, with 55 yards rushing, Big Ben out-rushed the Raiders’ RBs.