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Raiders vs. Steelers: Bruce Gradkowski Replaces Ineffective Jason Campebll

While the Steelers continue leading 21-3, the Oakland Raiders have made a move to try and shore up what has been a continually ineffective offense today. QB Bruce Gradkowski, who led the Raiders upset of the Steelers last year, has replaced Jason Campbell at QB late in the third quarter.

Campbell’s day would appear to be over after completing 7 of 19 passes for 70 yards, one interception, and only one third down conversion. Prior to Gradkowski entering the game, the Raiders had accumulated 64 yards of total offense. The only reason the Raiders haven’t been worse is because the Steelers have 148 penalty yards in accepted penalties (a Steelers offsides was just declined).

This has been an incredibly ugly game thus far and the announcers were accurate in calling it a bar room brawl. The Raiders defense has done just enough to keep the team remotely in the game, although inconsistency has ledt to 21 Steelers points. The Raiders have begun moving the ball behind Gradkowski and just made a big 24-yard gain on the ground thanks to Michael Bush. The Raiders suddenly find themselves on the Steelers 24. If they can get a touchdown on the board soon they’ll be right back in this game.