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Week 11 Fantasy Football Start 'em or Sit 'em: Steelers-Raiders

This games has all the markings of a defensive battle, which makes any offensive fantasy players a borderline call, but let’s take a look at the individuals.


QB Jason Campbell

Campbell has been putting up some good numbers and seems to be finding his stride in his new offense. This week he will WR Louis Murphy back and most likely TE Zach Miller. The Steelers defense is so stingy against the run that teams are running against them less frequently than any other team. This may lead to the Raiders passing more often than usual, but look for TDs to be at premium in this one.

Outlook: Start Him if you are desperate

RB Darren McFadden

McFadden has become a back that you just leave in your starting lineup. The problem is that the Steelers are a defense that you don’t start RBs against. Still, if the Raiders can’t get McFadden going in the running game, I expect to try and get him into space in the passing game. McFadden will get his yards one way or another.

Outlook: Start him

TE Zach Miller

Miller is on record as saying he is playing. The Steelers D has shown a vulnerability to TEs and Campbell has always loved to throw to TEs. The Steelers may make Miller the focal point of their passing D like last year’s matchup, but even then he had 4 catches for 43 yards.

Outlook: Start him

WR Louis Murphy

Murphy had the best game of his career against the Steelers last year, but the Steelers may be paying him a little more attention. Jason Campbell has a history of struggling to get the ball to his WRs and this is Murphy’s first game in a month.

Outlook: Bench him

WR Jacoby Ford

Ford will likely will get his second consecutive start following his breakout game against the Chiefs and Heyward-Bey’s hamstring issue. He is explosive and no doubt he has earned some trust from his QB and the play callers, but it is still a little early for Ford.

Outlook: Bench Him

K Sebastian Janikowski

The Raiders are in the bottom half of the league in redzone TD conversion percentage. It is very likely that the kickers are going to outscore the offenses in this one.

Outlook: Start him

Raiders Defense

The Raiders defense has not been scoring or generating a lot of turnovers. The Steelers do a good job of protecting the ball. The Raiders are sacking the QB though and the Steelers O-line is struggling and I don’t expect a lot of points.

Outlook: Start ’em