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Kiffin's Grievance Against Raiders Is Denied By NFL Arbitrator

ESPN reported that Lane Kiffin's grievance, for salaries not paid by the Raiders, was denied by an NFL arbitrator. Also, the Raiders countergrievance for arbitrator and lawyer fees was also denied. Following the decision, a source told ESPN, that coaches should not worry about this decision affecting them given the unusual nature of this case. Did this really need to be said? It was a lawsuit between Al Davis and Lane Kiffin over a firing of a coach who wanted to get fired and an owner who used an overhead projector to prove it.


Despite what the NFL wants to say, this is really not that unusual for the Raiders. They have a history of not paying the coaches they have dismissed. Mike Shanahan's case was in court until he decided to drop it. Which probably ended up saving him money. Al Davis is not in the practice of losing court cases. Next up in trial for the Raiders, JaMarcus Russell and his signing bonus. They still haven't paid all of it to him and likely never will.