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Kyle Boller Gunslings It, Completes It, Gets Wife Carrie Prejean Pregnant

The Raiders third-string quarterback can't find his way onto the field, but he's showing off his gunslinging ability at home (BOOM!).  FOX Sports has more.

"We are just so excited," the three-months-pregnant Prejean said. "I’m due in May on my grandmother’s birthday. She recently passed away, so that’s very special to us."

Boller, 29, and Prejean, 23, tied the knot in July and said they started trying for a family about a month after their big day.

The couple intends to find out the sex of their unborn child next week and Boller said he couldn’t be more ecstatic about becoming a father.

"I have the most beautiful pregnant wife ever, we are so in love and this was just the best news when we found out a couple of weeks ago," Boller said, adding that they celebrated with a big hug and shed a few happy tears.

Unfortunately, the former Golden Bear quarterback is again playing second fiddle in this marriage to a more popular star. Then again, I guess being less popular than Miss California is a better distinction than having to back up Jason Campbell and Bruce Gradkowski.