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Kyle Orton Finds Knowshon Moreno For Two Scores, Jason Campbell & Darren McFadden Respond To Keep Oakland Up Big

After managing almost nothing for the entire first half, it took four and a half minutes for the Denver offense to sputter to life. Kyle Orton completed six passes for 101 yards and found Knowshon Moreno and were the beneficiaries of a huge pass interference penalty that gave the Broncos two touchdowns and at least put them back within striking distance of the Raiders.

Unfortunately for the resurgent Bronco offense, Denver's defense can't stop the Oakland offense. Darren McFadden is close to averaging a first down on every carry (he picked up another 37 yards on five carries), and Jason Campbell continues to move the Raiders with crucial throws. Campbell found Marcel Reese for 19 yards, Nick Miller for 32 yards, and Jacoby Ford near the goal-line. The Raiders punctuated the drive by punching Reece in for one yard on 4th-and-goal.

After a three-and-out by Denver, McFadden took the next play and drove it 52 yards to the end zone. Game over. Denver's defense seems to be decimated by injury, and the inexperience is showing. Credit to Oakland, they never let up in this one and the Broncos had no average. McFadden is averaging over 10 yards per carry and has 196 yards from scrimmage on the day (16 carries, 165 yards, 2 catches for 31 yards).

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