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Darren McFadden Compounding Denver's Miseries, Powers Oakland to 31-0 Lead Over Denver

The Oakland Raiders have managed 12 first downs to Denver’s 1, 227 total yards to Denver's 34, perfect on third down conversions, and 110 rushing yards to 8. Most of the Raider offensive success has come thanks to Darren McFadden. The former Arkansas tailback has averaged nearly 12 yards a play—basically give him the ball and he’ll on average pick you up a first down. He topped it off with a 19 yard screen pass from Jason Campbell, where he powered his way into the end zone by running over Perrish Cox and giving Oakland yet another touchdown early in the second quarter. It's McFadden's second touchdown of the game, with 6 rushes for 63 yards and 2 catches for 31 yards.

It’s a stunning 31-0 with approximately three quarters left. Denver might have plenty of time to respond, but how will they stop Oakland?