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Raiders Jump On Broncos, Up 21-0 Within Six Minutes

Well that was unexpected. Jason Campbell started off the scoring action with a great misdirection play. He playfaked the run to the left, the wide receivers streaked to the right, and Zach Miller snuck out and was totally wide open on the left sideline. Raiders up 7-0.

And the first two offensive plays for the Denver Broncos? Kyle Orton threw a pick-six to the other Chris Johnson. On the next possession Tim Tebow came in to run the pistol and ran a reverse to Demaryius Thomas. Thomas not only ran for no gain, but coughed the ball on the ground to Lamarr Houston. A few plays later Darren McFadden strolled into the end zone.

9 minutes left in the first quarter. Couldn’t have started any better for Oakland.