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Brandon McCarthy Removed From Intensive Care

After being in critical condition for much of this past week, Oakland Athletics pitcher Brandon McCarthy's situation seems to have stabilized. Buster Olney has this encouraging report.

McCarthy was hit with a line drive to the head last Wednesday in a matchup between the As and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. He had to leave the game and then undergo surgery to deal with an epidural hemorrhage, brain contusion and skull fracture. McCarthy then had to deal with several CT scans, and it looked as if the situation hadn't improved enough to remove him from intensive care. Some news circulated that McCarthy might be dealing with a life-or-death situation if things didn't improve soon.

It's starting to look as if McCarthy is in better shape than he was earlier in this week though. That has to be a good sign.

Talk about McCarthy with A's fans by heading on over to Athletics Nation. Stay tuned to SB Nation Bay Area for the latest updates on McCarthy's recovery.