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Athletics Players Star In Official 'Bernie Lean' Video

The Oakland Athletics have been doing "The Bernie" all season long, wherein they celebrate happy occurrences by imitating the titular corpse from the blockbuster hit Weekend at Bernie's (and the far superior Weekend at Bernie's 2). The A's celebrated "Bernie Night" recently by having actor Terry Kiser throw out the first pitch at the Coliseum. Now the celebration has reached its logical conclusion: with a full-on MLB-approved music video starring the team.

Here's the official "Bernie Lean" video by ATM and IMD, who are apparently rappers. Or maybe they're the guys who built my computer's processor. Either way, you should watch this.

As stupid as this is, it's really hard not just laugh like an absolute goon while watching this. Plus, this is pretty much the perfect encapsulation of the dumb success that the A's have had pretty much all season long. How can you not love these guys?

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