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MLB Playoff Standings: A's In Fight With Orioles, Yankees

After Thursday night's games concluded, the Oakland Athletics sat atop the American League wild card race for a spot in the AL Playoffs with the Baltimore Orioles and New York Yankees right on their tail.

The A's have a record of 82-61 heading into their three-game series with the Orioles this weekend in Oakland. The Orioles are 81-62, making this weekend's series pivotal in the playoff race. The Yankees have the same record as the Orioles as both teams are tied for the AL East division lead. The Yankees face the Tampa Bay Devil Rays at home in a three-game series this weekend.

The A's season ends with only one cupcake series (against the Mariners) while the Detroit Tigers, Texas Rangers and Yankees are still to come. The A's face the Rangers in a four-game series in Texas and another three-gamer to finish the season.

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