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Brandon McCarthy Injury: Athletics Pitcher Is Up And Walking

Oakland Athletics pitcher Brandon McCarthy is making steady progress after a line-drive shot to the head forced emergency brain surgery last week.

McCarthy was injured off of an Erick Aybar hit. He walked off the field under his own power, but was later admitted to the hospital with a skull fracture and brain contusion.

Jane Lee reports that McCarthy was up and walking in a transitional care unit and might be able to return home soon.

A's head trainer Nick Paparesta said that the doctors are encouraged by the progress McCarthy has made.

"The neurologist was very happy with the results of his examination today," Paparesta said. "I think that we're a little more comfortable with where he is and how he's doing. He's been able to spend some time on his phone and text some of his teammates back and kind of go back and forth a little bit with them."

McCarthy's wife, who isn't as nearly as prolific of a Twitterer as her husband is, announced the good news this morning.

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