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Athletics Vs. Angels: Oakland's Lineup For Important Series Opener

Monday night marks the beginning of a key series for the Oakland Athletics, as they look to widen their Wild Card lead over the Los Angeles Angels and other teams. Oakland hopes to avenge a sweep up north, and in the process flatten any hope the Angels have of catching them. Here's Monday's lineup for the A's.

1. CF Coco Crisp

2. RF Seth Smith

3. DH Josh Reddick

4. LF Yoenis Cespedes

5. 1B Brandon Moss

6. C George Kottaras

7. 3B Josh Donaldson

8. SS Stephen Drew

9. 2B Cliff Pennington

The starting pitcher for Oakland is Jarrod Parker, who is seeking his 10th win. The A's are led by Cespedes in batting, who sports a .289 average with 16 home runs and 16 RBI. Kottaras is playing in just his 14th game of the season.

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