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Jonny Gomes Celebrates Petaluma Little League Win With Pie In The Face

The Little League World Series had its share of drama on Monday as Petaluma Little League (West) knocked out Par Troy East (Mid-Atlantic) on a walk-off home run by Danny Marzo. The win advanced Petaluma to the semifinals of their bracket, where they will face Fairfield American Little League.

Petaluma is about an hours drive (pending traffic!) from the Oakland Coliseum. Oakland A's outfielder Jonny Gomes happens to have been born in Petaluma. The game aired prior to their evening matchup with the Minnesota Twins, leaving the team some time to enjoy the Little League World Series. The A's have celebrated their 13 walk-off wins with pies to the face.

I think you know what happened next.

Following the win, Gomes was apparently jumping around and celebrating. Brandon Inge decided that was the perfect time for the A's first pre-game pie to the face. Given how this season has gone for the A's, it was only fitting.

Petaluma LL will face Fairfield American LL on Tuesday, August 21, at 5:00pm PT on ESPN2. The winner of that contest faces the loser of Goodlettsville Baseball LL (Southeast) and McAllister Park National LL (Southwest).