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The A's Are 'Doing The Bernie' ... For Some Reason

The Oakland Athleticss have been on an unbelievable hot streak since the All-Star break. But of course, you knew that already. What you may not know is that the team has been doing an interesting celebratory dance. It probably won't catch on like the Zoltan "Z" of the Pittsburgh Pirates or the "Lo Viste" salute of the Miami Marlins -- which now appears to have, sadly, been traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers along with Hanley Ramirez -- but it's worth noting nonetheless: the A's have been doing "The Bernie."

Basically, the rapper ISA released a song back in 2010 (because the A's aren't allowed to look at pop culture created past 2010 or they void their warranty) called "Moving Like Bernie," the video of which emulates the dance in the smash film Weekend at Bernie's 2 in which the titular corpse is made to look like he's cutting a rug.

CSN California tries to explain in this cringe-worthy video that doesn't actually include footage of "The Bernie," merely photos of Josh Reddick thrusting his crotch at people like he's about to break into a "Ministry of Silly Waks" sketch.

The Bay Area is no stranger to people moving like corpses, of course. Why, just last season, the San Francisco Giants installed both Miguel Tejada AND Orlando Cabrera at shortstop! If only either of those corpses had displayed the nimble athleticism exhibited by the eponymous dead millionaire played by Terry Kiser in Weekend at Bernie's!

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