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Coco Crisp's Childhood Friend Convicted Of Fraud, Identity Theft Against A's Outfielder

Some people are in it just for the money. Just ask Oakland Athletics outfielder Coco Crisp, who's childhood friend Marcus Andrews was recently convicted of fraud after running upwards of $30,000 on Crisp's American Express card without his knowledge or consent.

Geez. Some 'friends' just don't get it.

According to the report from CSN Bay Area, the 32 year-old Andrews was found guilty of multiple counts of mail fraud as well as aggravated identity theft, and now faces anywhere from two to 20 years in prison.

Prosecutors said Andrews, who grew up with Crisp in Southern California, began using his American Express card without consent back in November of 2010. Over the next three months, Andrews got more than $25,000 in gift cards by tapping into Crisp's account, as well as an additional $4,000 in gift checks that were earned by redeeming rewards points on Crisp's credit card account.

It wasn't until Crisp's wife noticed the purchase of a shotgun and a 9mm handgun on their credit card statement did they realize someone had been using their card, according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Nicholas Pilgrim. Andrews later tried to charge another $30,000 to the account, but those charges were denied.

As for Crisp, who had to testify against Andrews on Wednesday as well, was notably distraught over the entire situation.

"[Crisp] said his circle of trust had been compromised," Pilgrim said.

Sentencing will be held on Aug. 20.

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