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Manny Ramirez's Dreads Are a Menace, According to One Fan

Manny Ramirez has heated up in the month of June while playing for the AAA Sacramento River Cats, prompting discussion as to when, or if, the Oakland A's will call him up to the big leagues to serve as their designated hitter. One River Cat fan, though, doesn't want to discuss that. She wants to discuss Manny's dreadlocks.

In a call to the team's front office, one unnamed disgruntled fan launched into a tirade requesting that team officials make Ramirez get a haircut, so as to ... well, I'll just let explain her reasoning.

Per Deadspin, a few highlights of the call were as follows:

- "I'm a viewer of television and I noticed that Manny Rodriguez has these long, long dreadlocks."
- "Lotta people out here don't feel these people should be able to play with this long hair."
- "It flies in the faces of um uh uh first second and third base when they're tagging them out and it could hurt their eyes... it could really hurt them!"
- "They have to cut it in a lot of sports. I don't think they can have it in swimming!"
- "Long hair and drugs, we all know, goes together. It's just like a cheater and liar, what Dr. Phil says, goes hand in hand. When they cheat on a house, they also are a liar."
- "It doesn't look wholesome."

In agreement with Drew Magary's assessment, I too must strongly urge you to listen to the voicemail in its entirety. Then, marvel at the deduction skills alive and well out there in the world. Actually, that might make you depressed.