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Oakland Athletics Call Up Michael Taylor, Send Coco Crisp To DL

The Oakland Athletics might be without their outfielder for some time, but they do have a nice replacement coming in for him. According to the team website, Coco Crisp has been out of action for seven games, came back, went 0 for 4 at the bat and left with the flu, and is now headed for the DL. Crisp hasn't been performing so hot anyway, going .194/.260/.209 overall.

Replacing Crisp will be,Michael Taylor. Taylor hails from Triple-A Sacramento. The outfielder has performed quite well with the River Cats, hitting .347 with a .938 OPS, nailing two homers with 18 RBIs in 23 games for the River Cats. Taylor should join the team very soon, probably by Friday for the opening game in the series against the Tampa Bay Rays.

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