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Jose Canseco For Mayor?

Jose Canseco keeps himself busy in his offseason life. Now it appears like he's ready to undertake another little adventure. This tweet seems to indicate that Canseco really wants to get involved in politics (either that or he's getting really rhetorical on us).

We're not exactly clear if Canseco is interested in running, and where he'd want to run for office. But it's pretty cool to even consider the thought of this man actually involved in a government race. Imagine the circus!

Canseco had a great career with the Athletics, being the first player in baseball history to hit 40 homers and steal 40 bases. He was the American League's MVP in 1988 as a result, helping lead the team to the World Series (they would lose to the Dodgers before triumphing over the Giants in 1989).

Talk about Canseco's political aspirations with Athletics fans over at Athletics Nation.

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