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Giants Vs. A's: Tim Lincecum Gets Run Over At Home Plate By Collin Cowgill [GIF]

San Francisco Giants fans have to get sick to their stomach whenever they see a collision at home plate. The team lost Buster Posey to a violent crash at home last season, a play that cost the young catcher most of his 2011 season. On Sunday afternoon with the Oakland Athletics at AT&T Park, staff ace Tim Lincecum was involved in a bad crash at the plate.

Fortunately, Lincecum is OK and resumed pitching shortly after. But it was a scare to say the very least for Giants fans. We have a GIF of the play after the jump.

Here it is. It was Collin Cowgill who ran him over on what was a bang-bang play. It certainly wasn't a dirty one.


Lincecum's chin was busted up pretty badly and he'll likely have some soreness the next few days, but the collision was not enough to keep him from returning to the mound for the rest of the inning. It appears to have shaken him up a bit, though, as he promptly surrendered four runs to the A's in the fourth inning. He then departed for a reliever in the fifth.

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