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Oakland Athletics Future Up To Lew Wolff, According To Bud Selig

Representatives of the Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants met on Thursday to hash out some propositions for the future of A's baseball in the Bay Area, but according to league commissioner Bud Selig, the subsequent happenings of the Green and Gold are in the hands of team ownership, not necessarily MLB itself.

Selig spoke after the meeting of owners about the situation, noting that he would agree on a move by the Athletics, but "it just depends on where they're moving to."

Per Jon Heyman on Twitter:

Selig certainly placed the ball in Wolff's court, noting that its up to him to find new locations to move in the Oakland area or whether or not to pack up and move on. The A's have wanted to move to San Jose, though the San Francisco Giants legally own those territorial rights and are not wiling to give them up to Oakland.

Only two clubs since 1989 have not opened a new ballpark, the Oakland A's and Tampa Bay Rays.

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