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Brandon McCarthy Asks 'Siri' The Greatest Question Ever

We've all seen the Apple commercials showing off 'Siri' by now. Whether it be Samuel L. Jackson talking to his phone about his plans for date night (seriously, way TMI, Apple) or Zooey Deschanel looking adorable in her pajamas listening to music on a rainy day (we want more of this, Apple), Siri assists them by answering any and all of their questions.

Could Oakland Athletics pitcher Brandon McCarthy be next in line for one of these iPhone commercials? Based on his fantastic tweet on Friday night, you'd think he was already planning his script.

After hitting his seventh and eighth home runs of the week, some are asking if Josh Hamilton is having the greatest individual week in baseball history. Seeing as the A's and Texas Rangers are division rivals set to meet 18 times this season, McCarthy is looking for any help he can get.

One of the greatest baseball quotes of all-time comes from Joe Garagiola on Stan Musial. When asked what was the best way to pitch Musial, he replied, "That's easy. Walk him and then try and pick him off first base."

This might just be the best formula for success against Hamilton right now. As of Friday night, he is on pace to hit .407 with 87 homers and upwards of 200 RBI. That's pretty incredible.

Best of luck getting him out, Brandon McCarthy. Not even Siri knows the answer to this one.

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