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ANIMATED: Yoenis Cespedes Hits Monster Home Run In Stateside Debut

Yoenis Cespedes finally made his stateside regular-season debut on Friday night, as the Oakland Athletics hosted the Seattle Mariners in a continuation of last week's "Opening Day" games in Japan. Cespedes only went one-for-four with two strikeouts, but drove in two A's runs in a 7-3 loss.

On top of that, his one hit was somewhat memorable.

Cespedes delivered what was easily the highlight of the night, with his monster home run to dead center field that put the A's on the board in the fourth inning. As you all know, the Coliseum is far from a "small" ballpark. Check it out:


That home run is the very definition of a "moon shot." The ball traveled an estimated 462 feet and landed in front of the first row of luxury boxes.

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