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Oakland Athletics Want San Jose On Minds Of MLB Owners

Can the Oakland Athletics find a way to leave their current Coliseum and get to a new stadium? The road might be long and perilous for them to get there.

Currently, the A's just want to get the issue on the minds of the MLB owners, who just don't seem to be too interested in the situation. Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle files this report.

According to two major-league sources, the team plans to file paperwork to get onto the agenda before the end of the month, within the prescribed time frame for such proposals.

That will not ensure that the matter will become part of the agenda, however, according to those with knowledge of the inner workings of the owners' meetings. In fact, the A's desire to move to San Jose is not expected to be addressed during the May 16-17 event at the league offices.

The biggest issue for the A's is that the place they want to move is San Jose, and currently the San Francisco Giants (their friends across the Bay) own the territorial rights to that region. Bud Selig hasn't really resolved the issue in any manner to please either party. This could be a long battle to relocate the A's.

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