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Your Weekly Jose Canseco Twitter Roundup: Passive-Aggressive Edition

If you're familiar with both Twitter and sports, you're likely well aware that Jose Canseco is a guy who used to stuff muscle-drugs into his blood and mash taters and guest star on the Simpsons and whatnot, but is now a legit insane dude who says completely bonkers stuff via the medium of tweets. He's like Charlie Cheen, but entertaining and marginally less of a horrible human being. We have covered his Twitter exploits a time or two before, but there's never any shortage of batshittery just waiting to be plumbed from the depths like a rich, unending guano mine. Let's take a look at his latest missive from bat country.

Canseco sent this tweet out on Thursday, which is significantly less cordial than his usual "PLZ HIRE ME HUG FOR U" pleadings for a baseball team to hire him as a DH.

Has Canseco finally succumbed to the realization that his career is (still) over? I fear for this new, upset Canseco who might actually realize he has no chance of playing baseball anywhere in all of North America. Jose works best when he's reaching for the stars, or proclaiming Al Gore to be dead.

In many ways, Jose Canseco is like the jacked, baseball version of Tracy Jordan and we need him to be firmly rooted in obliviousness and grandiose dreams. Come back to us, Jose. By which I mean continue to be 100% nuts.

Actually, now that I think about it, I bet Brian Sabean would probably be willing to trade Brandon Belt in exchange for a proven bat like Canseco.

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