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Jonny Gomes Discusses HBP Extra-Innings Walkoff Win Over Royals [VIDEO]

The Oakland A's have had a wacky enough start to their 2012 already that getting themselves a victory over the Kansas City Royals without swinging the bat seems like some fitting retribution for their Japan trip, terrible weather and even worse attendance.

But you won't hear Jonny Gomes complaining, the man who took the winning pitch off his body to earn the A's the victory. Kansas City's Jonathan Broxton used two walks and another HBP of Yoenis Cespedes the batter before hand to make the improbable extra-inning comeback a reality, while handing Oakland their third victory of the season. Gomes spoke with the media after the game to discuss the odd finish, noting that it's easier to get beaned by Broxton than to hit off of him, and that a team could 'hit me four times' as long as the A's got a victory.

Gomes' two-run blast in the fourth was the reason the A's made it to extras, but he'll go down as the hero for taking one in the ribs.

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