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Jeff Francoeur, Bacon Tuesday Sponsor To A's Fans

So Jeff Francoeur is pretty awesome, if you haven't realized. has more on the story (click on the link for the video).

Last year, some A's fans held the first ever Bacon Tuesday during a game against the Royals.

Jeff Francoeur was intrigued and tossed a ball wrapped in a $100 bill to the fans, instructing them to use the money to buy beer or bacon.

Out of thanks, the crowd dedicated the 2nd annual Bacon Tuesday to Francoeur and even gave him a T-shirt.

Francoeur talked about honored he was. Video after the jump.

Additionally, he did this:

Francoeur does sound like a pretty cool guy and very earnest about winning this honor. He is also off to a hot start this season, batting .375 with an OBP of .412 and an OPS of .849. He managed two hits on three at-bats during Bacon Tuesday's win over Oakland, a 3-0 victory.

It isn't a good sign for A's fans that a rival player is the one having to represent one of the coolest things the organization does. Couldn't some Athletics players have joined up on this process? Oh well, opportunity lost, and now Francoeur (who may never play for the A's) is the face of this day.

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