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Giants Respond To A's Territorial Rights Statement

The feud between the Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants over the territorial rights of the South Bay Area are really starting to heat up after the A's released a statement earlier Wednesday voicing their side of what they believe is the Giants bullying them out of Santa Clara/San Jose. Well, the Giants fired back and the San Francisco Chronicles's John Shea caught all the juicy details.

Hmm, that probably wasn't necessary, but the Giants don't seem to want to play soft toss here. Actually, they don't want to play ball at all:

San Francisco isn't going to back off that they are in the right, and that legally the A's can't touch the South Bay. Not only that, the team is sticking to their guns that it's Giants country down South, not A's country:

It's probably only going to get uglier, let's see which team takes the gloves off first.

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