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Your Weekly Jose Canseco Twitter Roundup

If you know even a little bit about professional baseball, you likely know that Jose Canseco is completely insane. Since few people now want to interview him, on account of him no longer being famous or doing anything notable, he has had to disseminate his pure, unfiltered crazy via his personal Twitter feed. We have covered his Twitter exploits a time or two before, but there's no shortage of birds popping out of his head and going KOO KOO in the form of a flurry of tweets. Here's the latest collection of gems.

It seems like Canseco has conservation on his mind as of late. Well, that and insulting his followers.

Then he brings up an extremely salient point regarding said global warming.

Jose Canseco: friend of the ursine.

His mood next turns introspective.

This is probably the best of the recent bunch and you basically need a G.D. diagram to suss out what the hell he's talking about:

I'm with him up to "class in session," but "I complete you of to practice"? I guess he's off to practice for a celebrity golf tournament?

Jesus, what must the rest of the lineup look like if they're letting Jose Canseco in? It must read like the cast list of Marshawn Lynch's new movie.

Anyway, that's it for this week. I complete you of to practice.