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Bald Madness: Possibly The Best Tournament For Bay Area Sports Fans

We're currently in the throes of March Madness, obviously. You can tell by the warning signs and symptoms: clammy palms, butterflies in the stomach, excessive nail-biting, thoroughly justified levels of Duke-hatred and a condition wherein you look at the words you've written on a bracket and go ARGH DAMMIT.

But another telltale sign of March Madness is the proliferation of alternatives to and spins on March Madness. One of the most clever in recent years must certainly be March Baldness.

San Francisco Chronicle pop culture critic Peter Hartlaub has put together a somewhat hard-to-make-out but nonetheless awesome March Baldness bracket, with the intent of crowning the greatest bald man of the Bay Area.

The field is wide, of course, as there are a great many bald pundits, personalities and celebs that hail from our wonderful region or otherwise take up residence here. Among the notable sports figures included on the bracket: Nate Schierholtz, Jerry Rice, Jon Miller, Sebastian Janikowski, Tim Flannery and Ronnie Lott. To say nothing of Joe Satriani, Daniel Clowes, Jamie Hyneman and the delightfully cruel addition of Lars Ulrich.

I will be following this bracket with great interest, as should you. Click through and find out how you can contribute. And preemptive condolences to Schierholtz, who had the unfortunate draw of going up against Jerry Rice in the Round of 32.