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Oakland A's Vs. Mariners To Feature Advertising On Uniforms

The Oakland Athletics have traveled over to Tokyo for a two-game series with the Seattle Mariners, and the matchup will feature a Japanese baseball tradition somewhat unfamiliar to American baseball fans. The two-game series will see both teams wearing advertiser logos on their batting helmets. Additionally, the A's will wear a patch bought by gloops, Inc., which is the company sponsoring the two-game set.


While NASCAR and professional golf feature a variety of sponsor placement on clothing, the major four sports have held out taking that next step in advertising. MLB considered an ad deal focusing on a Spiderman movie, featuring spiderwebs on the base paths, but fan reaction was quite visceral. While advertising is prominently featured in all sports, the uniform is considered relatively sacred in that regard. However, at some point this will likely change, particularly with some of the smaller market teams looking for new revenue streams. For now, enjoy gloops, Inc.