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Oakland Athletics Greeted Like Stars In Japan In Possible Case Of Mistaken Identity

The Oakland Athletics were chosen to help kick off the 2012 baseball season in the now-customary overseas Opening Day. The A's will play against the Seattle Mariners in Japan. On Friday, the teams touched down in Japan and the A's were greeted by throngs of fans. The only real question is: why?

Katie Dowd of the San Francisco Chronicle passed along a slide show of the A's arriving in Oakland and signing autographs. Click through to see the pictures, including Coco Crisp looking surprised and a little confused. As well he should be, since ... you know ... it's just the Oakland A's, everyone.

Perhaps the fans were under the impression they would be seeing Brad Pitt or Jonah Hill get off the plane, which, admittedly, would be pretty cool.

We kid, but it's all in good fun. It will be a lot of fun to watch the opening series in Japan, mostly because it means baseball will finally be back. Welcome, old friend. We've missed you so.

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