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VIDEO: Yoenis Cespedes Hits Spring Training Home Run, Is Surely God Made Flesh

Yoenis Cespedes made his Spring Training debut with the Oakland Athletics on Saturday. This is it. This is the big one. The one that all of us in the Bay Area have been waiting for. He started off with a walk and an RBI single against the Cincinnati Reds, which is pretty good, I guess. But then, in the fourth inning, the sign we'd all been waiting for. The undeniable portent that the A's have turned a corner and the endless years (23) of waiting will be rewarded with a certain World Series championship at year's end.

Our friend Bay Area Sports Guy provides us with the thrilling, unbelievable video.

A home run! A home run in Spring Training, you guys! That means something!

Check out that guy in the video with the Eric Chavez shirsey on. That guy knows what's up! Check him out, turning to his wife or whoever and being like, "That's the guy, dadgum it. The guy that'll make it all worthwhile. Throw out my Scott Hatteberg shirseys when he get home, honey. The Mark Mulder shirseys, too. (Still might want to hang onto m'Erubiel Durazo shirsey, though. Y'never know.) It's the year of Cespedes! Yee-hawwwww!"

It seems inevitable, everyone: Chalk up Cespedes for combo MVP and Rookie of the Year. Chalk him up for the Cy Young. A Spring Training home run! I'd like to see the New York Yankees hit one of those!

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