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Jose Canseco Watch: Banned From Mexican League, Still Crazy

At some point, you would think that keeping tabs on Jose Canseco would become tiresome, but the former Oakland Athletics slugger just keeps coming up with ways to hook you in. In the latest round of insanity, he gets banned from his Mexican League comeback with the Quintana Roo Tigres for using -- GASP -- PEDs and suggests that Shaq is running scared from him. Hit the jump to breathe deep of the musk of insanity.

'Duk at Big League Stew relayed the info on Thursday that the Mexican Baseball League president spoke with ESPN Deportes and stated that Canseco admitted to taking a banned form of testosterone and refused to take a drug test.

I mean ... that all seems fairly straightforward to me. Dude admitted to using a drug, wouldn't take a test, got banned. Seems like not even Jose Canseco could --

There's that flawless Canseco logic: How can I test positive if there is no test? He's Schrodinger's substance abuser! He is both juicing and not juicing. You'll never know the answer until you open the box. (Warning: the box containing Jose Canseco is filled with spiders and body oil.)

His comeback safely curtailed by getting kicked out of baseball, Canseco turned back to what he truly excels at in the year 2012: being crazy on Twitter. Presented not necessarily in chronological order because he truly is the quantum physics of crazy dudes. You can know where he's being crazy, or how fast he's being crazy, but never both at the same time.

And finally ... acceptance

It takes a big man to admit that, Jose. A big, swollen man.

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